In order to link the two publishers for Manga comics in the area a new structure was developed.
Go Books! and another publisher in the next block should gain a linking space with rooms for various programmatic aspects.
Not only workshops, offices and meeting rooms, but also sales rooms and a big market and exhibition space were part of the programme.
Altogether a calculated area of nearly 2500 m² rooftop on up to three floors were thought of. Entries should be hidden in existing buildings. Marked by multimedia screens to give a hint to possible consumers and customers.
According to the usage of the different areas a catalogue of possible appearance and atmospheres with possible materials that would match these needs was created.

space allocation plan
In order to create an independent structural solution the planning had to be refined and was changed to be self-supportive.
Therefore two buildings had to be removed and the actual floor space has been decreased down to approx. 700 m².
The spatial programme is to be reduced and sharpened according to the actual needs and existing offers in the area.

The functionality of a network and public space remains.

teaser proposal
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a project by: aljoscha hofmann and stephan honnens
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